No.113 Branding With Joie Gharrity

Monday, November 24, 2014

No.113 VISIBILITY Spotlight: Building A Strong Network Is Essential

It is important to build a strong network of like minded people that are going to have your back and support you and your company brand. Building a strong network is essential to grow your brand VISIBILITY in the marketplace.

In order for a network to really work there needs to be an equal exchange of energy, trust and respect between the members. If you are always asking "What can you do for me?" or "I did this for you so now what are you going to do for me?" you might find yourself outside of the network circle fast.

Super connectors ask "What can we do for each other?" "How can we both be of service to one another and our company brands?" Super connector and founder of Sweet Nexus Michele Jennae and I discussed this and much more on her SWEETpeas PODcast Coco Chanel and Branding with Joie Gharrity

Networking is so much more then just attending networking events instead it is all about creating deeper personal and business relationships.

The founder of Sweet Nexus is all about creating relationships first and she shares her unique-point-of-view on networking, “Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” 

Michele encourages women entrepreneurs to always be working on their networking techniques and skills. She shares three networking tips that you can incorporate quickly and easily:

1. Connect. Making a commitment to community means making genuine connections. Say hello, ask questions, find out where you can serve each person you meet.

2. Contribute. The best way to contribute is to be a conduit of value. Share ideas, opportunities and introductions to others with your community.

3. Collaborate. Working together strengthens bonds and increases value exponentially when the collaboration is working toward a common goal.
Learn more about Sweet Nexus and Michele Jennae

Always be building your network there is power in numbers and as long as the members are being "of service" and supporting each other authentically you can move mountains together and your company brand VISIBILITY will grow.

"I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs around the world leverage their unique brand in life and business to gain clarity and impact, to grow community and influence, to gain recognition and VISIBILITY for them and their brand."


It's all about VISIBILITY first
Joie Gharrity

Monday, November 17, 2014

100 Tips To Leverage Your Company Brand

1.     Proper branding is critical to your long-term success. 

2.     It’s not good enough to just have a website. Your website reflects your brand, so make it shine bright.

3.     Maintain a low overhead and manage your cash flow effectively so that your brand has a chance to thrive.

4.     Never wear black or white when taking your branded headshots. 

5.   Blogging is a great way to let people know about your brand and that you are an expert in your field. 

6.   Find successful, knowledgeable individuals with whom you share mutual business goals that see value in working with you and your brand. 

7.   A good logo design builds trust with consumers about your brand.

8.   Branding is an on-going juggling act of marketing, research and conversation.

9.   Experts are not good at everything; they’re amazing in their brand field. 

10.  Groups are looking for volunteer help and it’s a great way to elevate your brand status and visibility among your local community. 

11.  Expand your brand marketing campaign and launch a direct mail campaign, email campaign, host a webinar, sponsor a local event, attend networking events, win awards, throw a virtual party… 

12.  Branding is managing the thoughts and feelings of your customers to ensure that you are what they desire. 

13.  Facebook Pages are now an essential part of an online brand presence. 

14.  The minute you step outside the door you are an extension of your brand. Brand yourself so that people remember you and your unique personality shines bright. 

15.  Clean out your email box weekly. It will help keep your brand streamlined. 

16.  Build a story around your brand on social media by using photos.

17.  When your website, blog or tweet is shared you know about it and you can identify how this person found your brand. 

18.  Blogs help your brand on multiple levels. Blog on a consistent basis. 

19.  Brand your Twitter page with your company logo.

20.  Create unique and dynamic marketing campaigns that will get people talking about your brand.

21.  Post to all three of the main social media platforms daily - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

22.  Don't be afraid to give your branded content away for free. It is a way of building your reputation as an "expert".

23.  The brand logo you choose should represent the message you want your brand to convey.

24.  Include customer testimonials about your brand on your business cards.

25.  You should make it standard to link back to your archives frequently when creating new content. 

26.  Create a Facebook Fan Page for your company brand.

27.  Provide VIP service as it will increase your brand influence.

28.  You should be conscious of placing appropriate branded keywords throughout every aspect of your site.

29.  Select a relevant, highly searched term or phrase to be the primary keyword for your news release about your brand. 

30.  Respect the time and generosity of those who help and support you. Send them a branded thank you note as it can go a long way in showing your gratitude. 

31.  Be early to every meeting as it will reflect nicely on your brand. 

32.  People seek out experts in their brand field, not generalists.

33.  Always follow through. Nothing builds a business relationship faster than being a reliable brand. 

34.  Share brand imagery that inspires your customers daily onto your social media platforms. 

35.  Talk about all the exciting things that are going on with your brand on social media.

36.  Include your brand tagline in all of your marketing materials.

37.  While at a networking event, give the person you are speaking to your complete attention. Looking around the room for the next potential person to meet is rude and turns that person off to you and your brand. 

38.  Reveal your personal story. Being authentic helps others emotionally connect with you and builds trust in your brand. 

39.  When being interviewed on camera about your brand do not look at the camera, always focus on the host. 

40.  When you release a new branded product, one of the best ways to let people know about it is to issue new product press releases. 

41.   It's a good idea to budget for a few different types of promotional branded giveaways. 

42.  Know what products, services and information your competitors are offering.

43.  Utilize your social media opportunities to engage your brand with customers and reach new ones.

44.  Content is KING. The quality of information you provide online is directly proportional to your online brand success.

45.  Post a “brand tip" a day and then post to all the social media platforms.

46.  Create branded products that you can sell online.

47.  Traditional advertising is “out” in the online world and being an expert in your brand field is “in”.

48.  Community matters when it comes to an online business. Building an online fan base and online community around your brand is key.

49.  Your website will serve as nothing more than a business card if you are not sharing your expertise in your field. Give people a reason to come back to check out your brand.

50.  Follow up with a personal email or a phone call when you meet a new connection. It will go a long way in brand recognition. 

51.  Your Website is the ultimate branding machine.

52.  Become friends with influencers in your brand field. 

53.  Everything you do, no matter how small the detail, will give your brand a higher perceived value.

54.  If your business is having a hard time jumping to the next level of success it might be time for a brand refresh.

55.  Include the who, what, where, when and why about your new branded product in your press releases.

56.  Give your services and products away for free to local charities. Great way to give back and increase your brand exposure.

57.  Develop a marketing campaign and create calendar timetables.

58.  Always include your brand logo on every piece of communication.

59.  Your website reflects your brand image. Your website design should be updated every two years to stay current.

60.  Expand your company brand exposure by speaking at local events.

61.  Two-way dialog about your brand is much more valuable than a company that just pushes messaging on their customers.

62.  Your one-page brand company overview should include your target audience benefits, previous audience experience, a mini-case study and your contact information.

63.  When you meet someone and get their business card ask them if it is okay to add them to your email brand-marketing list.

64.  One of the primary drivers of brand loyalty is a consistent experience.

65.  Research shows that potential customers need to be exposed to a brand at least seven times before they buy.

66.  Write an eBook about your brand. 

67.  Create a YouTube channel for video uploading about your brand and products. 

68.  Manage your online presence. More and more, customers are doing online background checks and the information they find can affect their hiring decisions. 

69.  Develop a dynamic tagline that expresses what your brand does.

70.  Issue press releases to the media about your brand often.

71.  Create eye-catching packaging for your products that reflects your brand.

72.  Post your calendar of brand events and appearances on your website.

73.  Include a tip sheet as to how your company brand is different than your competitors. 

74.  Branding is about your image and the value you have to offer.

75.  Social media is a great way to drive customers to your website and get the word out about your brand. 

76.  Define your brand from the beginning and have a clear message.

77.  Be specific about how your brand is going to help solve your niche market client’s problems. 

78.  Be consistent in your actions. It will help customers to remember who you are and what your brand message is.

79.  Do not wear long earrings or necklaces in your branded headshots. 

80.  Surround yourself with advisors and mentors who will nurture you and your brand and help you to become a better leader. 

81.  Give your branded photos legs by posting them on Pinterest.

82.  Interview past customers and ask them to suggest ways that you can improve on your brand.

83.  Make public all of your brand-related successes, achievements and awards.

84.  Give a brief history on your company brand.

85.  Your brand should be easy to relate to.

86.  Develop your company brand pitch. A pitch is a short description of what you do, how you do it differently from the competitors and the benefits you are able to provide to your customers.

87.  Your personal brand is just as important as your company brand; if managed and developed properly it can become one of your greatest business assets.

88.  Make it easy for your customers to contact you about your brand.

89.  Be specific about how your brand is different from your competitors.

90.  Be prepared to pitch your company brand at all times.

91.  Ask colleagues and friends to tell you what their perception of your brand is and ways you can improve on your brand.

92.  Value your brand and price your products and services accordingly.

93.  Educational workshops are a great way of spreading the word about your company brand products.

94.  Do not copy another person’s brand. Be unique, establish your own brand and stand out from the crowd.

95.  Hire people that are as passionate about your brand as you are.

96.  If you don’t know the answer to a business question ask an expert in your brand field for the answer. 

97.  Develop your brand online organically. The online audience does not appreciate a hard sell.

98.  As a brand you have a responsibility towards your audience.

99.  Create an online branded and unique virtual magazine.

100.  Always be increasing your brand VISIBILITY in the marketplace, your company brand will gain higher levels of success! 

"I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs around the world leverage their unique brand in life and business to gain clarity and impact, to grow community and influence, to gain recognition and VISIBILITY for them and their brand."


It's all about VISIBILITY first
Joie Gharrity