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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bullying, Branding and Justice: How To Protect Your Personal And Professional Brand

Small business strategist Kathy Catlin Davis and brand strategist Joie Gharrity have teamed up to talk about a tough – and prevalent – topic in today’s business environment in a three part telesiminar: "Bullying, Branding and Justice: the intersection of business andthe law in online world."

In today's marketplace the online world has become an everyday constant both personally and in business. The internet has opened up so many amazing doors of opportunity and has created a large and connected community. But along with the amazing gift of the internet also comes the problem of cyber-bullying both for our children and adults.

At one time or another everyone will experience some sort of cyber-bullying and this can be harmful to your personal and business brand if not handled properly. " Too many people hide under the covers, hoping it will go away,” said Joie Gharrity.  That is the worst thing you can do for your brand.” 

Transitional Career Strategist Teri Hockett shared her unique point of view with Kathy and I along with her recent article Cyberbullying among Working Women."Cyberbullying is not just the implication or the words alone it is the very nature of how quickly it can spread and it is almost impossible to stop because of the very nature of the anonymity of the Internet."

And in regard to the protecting your business cyber-bullying can be detrimental to your companies earning power. "Cyber-bullying isn’t an actualcrime – not under the federal law, or any state statutes that I could find,” said Kathy Catlin Davis.  “However, there are other laws, statutes and provisions that protect you and your business from harassment and bullying – even in the online world.” 
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