No.113 Branding With Joie Gharrity

Monday, December 22, 2014

Branding + VISIBILITY Make Beautiful Music Together!

Did you know that branding is much like composing a beautiful song? What song are you sharing in the marketplace?

Brand Strategist Joie Gharrity shares No.113 Branding Strategy:
How To Compose A Beautiful Brand Song In 4 Easy Steps!

1. First you want to consider who you are composing your song for. Once you identify who you are composing for you want to develop a clear company branded "Voice" for greater VISIBILITY.  This tells your customers what they can expect when they interact with your company brand. Aligning your products, services , and professional conduct with your company-branded "voice" leverages your emotional connection with the marketplace which translates into more dollars and cents.

2. Next you want to pick the rhythm that is going to capture your audiences attention. Creating a clear brand strategy "Marketing Campaign" is your song rhythm and you want to be consistent in communications and consistent of experience for greater VISIBILITY. In other words, a clear brand strategy marketing campaign tells your customer what they can count on from your company brand and grabs the attention of the marketplace and increases your customer base.

3. Then you want to create the song structure in which each verse is musically the same but differs in lyrics. Strategically incorporating your company brands unique-point-of-view is your song structure and incorporating "Key Brand Messaging" is the lyrics that increases your brand VISIBILITY. Taking your brands core key messaging and sharing it in the marketplace allows your ideal client to emotionally connect with your brand and that gains your company higher levels of success.

4. Finally you want to consider how you are going to effectively share your beautiful song in the marketplace. Leveraging your social media business channels in today's marketplace is essential to strengthen ties to the community that your brand serves and increasing your brand VISIBILITY. You can use your social media channels to solicit input from your current customer and convert your most committed customers into "Brand Evangelists" who generously help spread your company brand messaging across all the platforms and golden doors of opportunity can open up to you and your company brand.

"I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs around the world leverage their unique brand in life and business to gain clarity and impact, to grow community and influence, to gain recognition and VISIBILITY for them and their brand."
It's all about VISIBILITY first
Founder/Principal Joie Gharrity

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