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Monday, December 1, 2014

No.113 VISIBILITY Spotlight: Swag Bag Is A Chic Marketing Tool

Swag is a great way to expand on your company brand. People feel a strong emotional connection with a “Brand” if the company shares their company swag with them. It is the ultimate chic VISIBILITY marketing tool. 

Just ask Nikko Farmer founder of BizNurseWoman a St.Louis based marketing and brand promotions company. She shares women entrepreneur products both small and medium, which include local businesses and businesses across the country. She gets them VISIBILITY at both celebrity and VIP events. President and CEO, Nikko Farmer spoke with Fox 2's Monday morning news "I get companies and products to events and places they would not normally have access to." 

Nikko has branded her swag bag with her company logo so at every event her bag is immediately recognized and the products and services gain more leverage in the room : 

BizNurseWoman recently was invited to the BET Soul Train Awards Gifting Suite and got brands into the hands of stars such as Boris Kodjoe. 

In Hollywood the swag bag is the ultimate accessory at every event. It is a chic and fun way to expand the awareness in the marketplace about you and your company brand. I am a big fan of Nikko and her being of service to women entrepreneurs and community.

BizNurseWoman is a great company brand and I encourage you to reach out to Nikko and find out how you can get your products and services into her swag bag or get her swag bag full of product and services to your next event @ 

We are honored that the BizNurseWoman swag bags will be at my upcoming event
I'ts Your Turn both in January and March.

"I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs around the world leverage their unique brand in life and business to gain clarity and impact, to grow community and influence, to gain recognition and VISIBILITY for them and their brand."


It's all about VISIBILITY first
Joie Gharrity

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  1. I love what Nikko does and can't wait to personally meet her!