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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Your Company Brand VISIBILTY Is Directly Linked to Your Brands Earning Power

I share cutting-edge techniques and strategies with women entrepreneurs around the world to gain greater VISIBILITY for them and their company brand. I am passionate about sharing the WHY? 
It's all about VISIBILITY first!

Being a women entrepreneur myself I learned that it can be very easy to get all caught up in working in the business in regard to creating content, systems, programs and more. This can be very time consuming and working on the company brands VISIBILITY in the marketplace can take a a backseat. 

What I learned is that it is vital that there is no gap between creating a strong VISIBILITY presence in the marketplace while creating the brand content. In other words you want to hit the ground running and be growing your company brand VISIBILITY immediately because it is directly linked to you company brands earning power. 

Unfortunately, many women entrepreneurs wait until everything is "perfect" before sharing their brand with the marketplace. I believe that it is very "natural" for women to want to make sure that their "house" is in order first for many reasons but the following two reasons I believe are the most prevalent. 

The first is FEAR of being criticized. Socially many woman are told that everything needs to be "perfect" and if everything is not perfect then they will be criticized which never feels good. But it is important in the world of business to push away from that "story" because it takes time to grow the brands VISIBILITY which is directly linked to increasing your customer base which translates into dollars and cents. 

The second is the lack of CONFIDENCE to feel worthy of really stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight allowing the marketplace to see you and your company brand. It can feel vulnerable at times but in regards to your brand's earning power it is essential to allow the marketplace to see you and your company brand.

If you want your brand to be a six-figure business you brands VISIBILITY needs to be at a six-figure level in the marketplace. Your brands earning power is directly linked to your brands VISIBILITY power. A six-figure business takes a large customer base that is always expanding. And in order for customers to be ale to buy your products, services etc. they have to be able to easily find and trust your products and services. 

WHY? It's all about VISIBILITY first!
By increasing your company brand VISIBILITY in the marketplace, your company brand will gain higher levels of success, you will increase your customer base and golden doors of opportunity will open up to you and your brand. 

"I am committed to helping women entrepreneurs around the world leverage their unique brand in life and business to gain clarity and impact, to grow community and influence, to gain recognition and VISIBILITY for them and their brand."
It's all about VISIBILITY first
Founder/Principal Joie Gharrity

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